Platoon Challenge

Next month will see a major experiment in Europe, which may take autonomous trucks to a new level. This video shows the Volvo team preparing to meet the challenge, when truck platoons from a number of truck manufacturers will all converge, while platooning, on a location in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Teams from Mercedes Benz, Scania, MAN, DAF, Iveco, as well as Volvo will be involved, heading towards Rotterdam on the highways of Europe, crossing borders, as a proof of concept to convince governments to allow a trial on public roads.



It’s not just Europe where trials are being conducted, Freightliner has included platooning in its autonomous truck programme:


This video from Scania demonstrates the level of control possible:


The Dutch are leading the challenge to trial these new technologies:


Governments in the European Union are taking this concept seriously and met at a forum recently to work through potential issues: