Playing with the Big Boys

We all stop and watch when a monster load comes though. The sheer size of what is being moved grabs the attention and makes us sit there and feel some admiration for the skill and technology making the big move work.


However, when you are sitting in the truck or car on the highway, pulled over to let them through, there is also an element of fear involved. Are you far enough off the road? Is the load securely tied down, will it move? One mistake by the driver could have serious consequences.


This situation gives us an inkling of the way the general, non-trucking, public feel about us every day as they see a B-double bearing down on them from behind, or drive down a city street with a semi coming towards them. They react in a similar way to the way we react when we come across these monster loads, but they are reacting like this to the normal truck we will drive every day.


Here’s another monster load on a relatively small bridge:


This video is included just because of the sheer scale of the move and the tonnages involved: