Precision and Knowledge Required

Precision and Knowledge Required

One of the things about truck drivers which impresses the ordinary punter, is when they show off their close control of a big bit of machinery in a tight space. The level of precision and knowledge required, alongside the confidence to do the job right, shows the general public just how skillful drivers are, doing something they could never do themselves.



Elsewhere in the world, truck drivers are dealing with fewer trailers but seem to try and fit them through smaller and smaller gaps. This timber truck in the mountains somewhere in France is squeezing through between two houses on a road designed for a donkey cart:


This is very impressive. The entrance to this mill in Gournay en Bray town centre in France would be impossible for any semi. However, this driver has been here before and is geared up for the task, with two steering axles at the rear of the trailer. Even so, it is still quite a feat, even with the technology helping, to get the truck into the courtyard:


Again, in this example the driver has millimetres to spare. How did the truck get i  there in the first place, is the first question? Again it’s 21st century technology functioning in a world build in the 18th century. He seems pretty pleased with himself for getting out of there without a scratch:


Even in the US, a country we associate with wide open spaces and a relatively low skill set for the average truck driver, the skills shown are impressive. This driver gets it right, by planning ahead and getting the truck and trailer in the right position before attempting to get the truck though the tight gap. He is not helped by the tandem axles and the extra wide axle spacing the Americans prefer. Don’t forget, the post is on the blindside for the left hand drive truck: