Promotion at Isuzu, Intelligent Transport and Truck Sales Report

Enforcement, Elections and the State of Our Roads

The news this week includes promotion at Isuzu, intelligent transport and truck sales report from the Truck Industry Council. As the ITS World Congress continues in Melbourne, there are environmental fines in the US and safety conscious deliveries in London.

Isuzu announced the appointment of Andrew Harbison to the position of Isuzu Australia Director, Sales and Marketing. His step-up within the organisation follows 11 years of service. For the last three years he has been the National Sales Manager.

Promotion at Isuzu, Intelligent Transport and Truck Sales Report

According to Isuzu, it’s been Harbison’s business experience and knowledge that has contributed heavily to maintaining market leadership in recent times. As a result of the restructure, former National Fleet Manager, Les Spaltman, has been appointed to the role of National Sales Manager.

According to the Truck Industry Council, little has change in the Australian new truck market in quarter three of 2016. There have been solid results again in the Light and Medium Duty Truck market segments, while the Light Van and Heavy Duty Truck sectors continue to struggle.

Overall the third quarter result for 2016, with 8,274 trucks and vans sold, was the strongest third quarter result seen since 2008 when 9,317 units were sold. The strong quarter result was due to buoyant Light Truck sales, rather than a lift in all segments. Year-to date the market is tracking up 2.4 per cent (563 vehicles) over the same period last year with 23,951 heavy vehicles sold.

The Heavy Duty Truck segment has again struggled in quarter three and is now lagging 2015 results by 3.8 per cent (down 273 trucks) with only 6,947 Heavy Duty Trucks sold in Australia to the end of September.

At the ITS World Congress, with the world’s leading transportation policymakers, technology, business and research professionals assembled, a Bosch Australia vehicle drove on a closed Albert Park circuit on Sunday during the ITS World Congress Media Day and has continued to be demonstrated this week as part of the Congress.

The vehicle is able to communicate with other vehicles to automatically act on behalf of the driver based on projected dangers such as road-works, sudden changes in traffic conditions and unexpected obstacles. Connectivity between vehicle and motorcycle will be demonstrated between the Bosch vehicle and a Ducati motorcycle at Albert Park.

In addition, the vehicle includes advanced human machine interface (HMI) technology that can adjust vehicle settings and monitor for driver distractions.

Meanwhile in the USA, Detroit Diesel is being asked to pay $28.5 million to the US EPA and the US Department of Justice (DOJ) over alleged violations of the Clean Air Act for selling heavy-duty diesel engines, in the past, which were not certified by the EPA.

The government alleges Detroit introduced 7,786 heavy-duty diesel engines in 2010 without a valid EPA-issued certificate of conformity with nitrogen oxide emission levels.

In the UK, a grocery supplier, Reynolds, has two new prototype Mercedes-Benz Econic trucks on the road. The‘Urban Prototypes’ are making multi-drop deliveries to customers throughout London. The high-visibility Econic has a deep, panoramic windscreen and a full-length, folding side door, allowing the driver, who sits much lower than in a conventional distribution vehicle, to make direct eye contact with cyclists and pedestrians at junctions or in traffic queues.