Purpose built tray helps gas company deliver safely

gas-specialists-breathe-easy-with-isuzu-xvkvdvhxAs a leading safety-focused gas provider, Air Liquide endeavours to develop and design equipment to safely transport gas with minimal risk to handlers and the environment.

The company has been manufacturing and supplying industrial and medical gases since it was founded in France more than 100 years ago, and arrived on Australian shores in 1957.

Air Liquide supplies gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide and other gases to a wide range of industries and services, including those that involve healthcare, metal fabrication and treatment, food and beverage and other manufacturing and servicing processes.

The north-west Australian division of the company has 80 employees across its five offices located in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

For small order deliveries of industrial gases to clients in the Darwin area, Air Liquide has recently acquired an Isuzu FRR 500 which joins an Isuzu FSR 850 in the company’s fleet.

To safely transport the range of gases contained in compressed gas cylinders and dry ice, the FRR 500 is fitted with a purpose-built tray with interlocking palletised frames holding the cylinders in place.

For added protection, the tray body, designed in Melbourne by Load Safe Australia, is designed so there is no manual handling of the gas cylinders.

A hydraulic lift has been installed at the tray rear for extra convenience and safe handling of cylinders at customer sites. The cylinders are loaded on and off the tray body with the help of a fork lift.