Quad Axle Semis in Victoria

VicRoads has announced high mass, quad axle semis are to be allowed on certain routes in Victoria. The new rules will see 50.5 tonne GVM quad axle axle semi trailers allowed on the Victorian Higher Productivity Freight Vehicles network approved for Quad-Quad sure B-doubles up to 77.5 tonne.


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“Container transport operators in Victoria have welcomed the new VicRoads Policy on freight network access for PBS-approved Quad-Axle Semi Trailers at higher mass,” said Neil Chambers, Director, Container Transport Alliance Australia. “From a container transport perspective, the new Quad-Semi policy should be of particular advantage to container skel and side-loader operators to boost container cartage payload.”


With trailers allowed to run at up to 20 metres in length, t he mass limits for Quad-Semis operating on the HPFV network are as follows:

  • Steer Axle – 6.5 tonnes
  • Drive Tandem Axle Group – 17.0 tonnes
  • Quad-Axle Group – 27.0 tonnes
  • Overall – 50.5 tonnes


quad, axle semi, map, VicRoads
An interactive map of the routes available can be accessed.


An interactive map of the routes available can be accessed here. 


In order to gain access at this length and mass each vehicle must satisfy Performance Based Standards regulations. All Quad Semis will have to be fitted with a GPS device accredited under the Intelligent Access Program. The truck will also need a certified On Board Mass system integrated with the IAP.


Quad Semis must also be accredited under the Mass Management module of the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme. Full ABS and road friendly suspension is also mandated.


A Class 2 heavy vehicle permit must be obtained to operate a Quad-Semi on the HPFV network. Applications for a Class 2 heavy vehicle permit can be submitted via the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator website.