QuickServe from Cummins

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QuickServe from Cummins is a key focus of Cummins and at the engine maker’s Carole Park, Brisbane facility, this starts when the truck rolls in the driveway. It’s the driver’s first port of call, where the truck is checked over by a technician who diagnoses the problem and reports back to the truck owner within the hour. This way the owner knows, upfront, the diagnosis and time line of the repair and can reschedule workloads accordingly.

“A lot of our work is the smaller jobs where the driver has heard a noise or a light on the dash has come on,” said branch manager, Sean Hill. “We can diagnose the problem within an hour and let the fleet manager know how long the repair will take. That way they are not waiting for a day to find out the repair would have only taken one hour or at the other extreme that the truck will be off the road for a week.”

Sean stresses effective communication is the key to keeping customers happy. He explains when the trucks come into QuickServe the engine number is checked to see if there are any open campaigns, alerts or updates for the engine.

“We always let the customer know if there are any updates relevant to their engine and ask if they want us to spend the extra time doing the update while we’re working on the truck,” said Sean

Another initiative the company has implemented is capped price servicing and repairs. Operations like changing turbos or water pumps, tune ups or even a rebuild or engine change-out fall under the capped price arrangement. It’s a feature common to Cummins branches across the country and gives the customer peace of mind that the price won’t change if the job takes longer than anticipated.

“We want our people to have safety as a value rather than just a priority,” said Sean. “Values don’t change but priorities can change depending on circumstances. Cummins has a global initiative called Passport to Safety where every employee is required to complete a nine hour course on safety.”

Another safety feature the company embraces can be seen in its field service division where every technician is issued with a ‘panic button’ which can be used in emergency situations whereby the required emergency services are immediately dispatched. With a lot of work carried out in remote areas, this feature provides peace of mind to the employees and the company.

Diesel News’ visit to Cummins’ Carole Park branch provided a useful insight into the ongoing success of this global company. With an absolute focus on the highest levels of customer service along with an equally high care factor for the safety, health and wellbeing of its employees, it’s no wonder the company continues to remain strong in all aspects of the heavy duty engine business.