Ravaglioli Commercial Vehicle Wireless Mobile Column Lifts

Ravaglioli Commercial Vehicle Wireless Mobile Column Lifts

With lift capacities of up to 8,500kgs per column, Ravaglioli Commercial Vehicle Wireless Mobile Column Lifts from Italy are versatile, robust and easy to operate and manoeuvre.


Ravaglioli Commercial Vehicle Wireless Mobile Column Lifts


Thanks to their wireless design, the RAV wireless column lifts give you ultimate workshop flexibility and productivity. No time is wasted connecting power cables, and so there’s less chance of tripping hazards

A paramount consideration for any employer.


The RAV wireless column lifts are also extremely compact and easy to store, helping to keep your busy workspace clear when they are not in use.




  • Available in 5.5t, 7.5t or 8.5t per column lift capacity
  • All columns are identical with configuration sets of 4-6-8 columns
  • Smooth, synchronised raising and lowering
  • LCD screen display
  • Mechanical locking system/parking


Wireless power with battery and charger


  • Eliminates time spent connecting power cables
  • Provides greater flexibility and maneuverability
  • Reduces potential tripping hazard for operators
  • 10 metre charging cables
  • Batteries can be charged during operation
  • Recharging time of approx. 10 hours
  • 2 batteries in each column, gel type, maintenance-free.
  • 20 lifting cycles with full load


LCD screen display information


  • Operation modes (All, Group, Single)
  • Height of columns
  • Battery charge condition
  • Diagnostic / maintenance
  • Number of column in a set
  • Transmission channel (during configuration setting)
  • Each column features operation & emergency buttons for ease of use

Ravaglioli Commercial Vehicle Wireless Mobile Column Lifts


The Ravaglioli hoists available from Alemlube are the premium choice of industry professionals, offering years of reliable performance. RAV scissor lifts, column lifts and four post vehiclehoists suitable for trucks and buses are now in stock here in Australia.


Throughout Australia and New Zealand Alemlube and Ravaglioli have forged a partnership committed to the distribution, sales and the total support of all Ravaglioli products.


When you purchase from Alemlube, you’ll enjoy the advantages of their national installation, service and support network, coupled to an extensive spare parts and accessories inventory. This team provides unequalled product service to make sure you enjoy your quality product.


Ravaglioli Commercial Vehicle Wireless Mobile Column Lifts


Ravaglioli commenced manufacturing in 1958 and today their modern factories produce the majority of the components in-house, including hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. This country of origin thinking ensures consistent high quality and lower costs.Ravaglioli does not re-brand or clone hoists like so many other well-known manufacturers.


In order to maintain consistent reliability of your lifting equipment, Alemlube provides all your installation and service needs. Alemlube is one of the only companies to have support for its own product range with its own qualified technicians. Othercompanies in this field are reliant on external contractors.