Real World B-Quads

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Here we have some footage of a B-quad simulation and real world B-quads. The simulation is some work done to ensure the new B-quad which is going into service with Rocky Lamattina and Sons next week was capable of getting into the venue in Forbes, where the new combination was part of a Performance Based Standards Demonstration event.

The combination of the two sets of video footage shows the effectiveness of the truck simulation software we use to assess vehicles and develop them to run on our roads in the PBS scheme. The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator can view the performance of any vehicle on a computer simulation and assess whether it meets the criteria required to go forward as an approved design.

The reaction to the breaking of the story of the first B-quads on Australian roads has been extraordinary. The Diesel News website has received more clicks in the last week than ever before since the B-quad story was first posted. The activity on Facebook around the story has also been phenomenal.

This level of interest should be welcomed by those in the trucking industry and the PBS scene, who want to get the scheme functioning more effectively and getting thousands more highly productive and safe trucks onto our roads. There is a clearly a groundswell of opinion in the trucking community of people who want to see more of these innovative vehicles on our roads and pushing the boundaries of technology and design.

These PBS fans will also be equally frustrated by the endless delays in getting access for some designs. The system, as it currently functions, is a dead weight around the project of making the trucking industry of Australia, even more of a global design leader than it already is. Let’s hope the latest round of proposed reforms, which were approved by state and federal transport ministers last month, actually get the scheme up and running a bit more smoothly.


real world B-quads