Red Light Truckie

Here is another example of stupidity around trucks. Unfortunately, this time, it is the truckie who gets it all wrong. This kind of carelessness or complete lack of attention makes the the life of those, like Diesel News, who fight to improve the image of the trucking industry, more difficult.


The truck has no right to be where it is and the damage done is clear, both to the car and truck, and the image of the trucking industry.


This video also sees a truck getting itself into a position it shouldn’t be. Caravan drivers are a danger to everyone on the road and trying to go around a roundabout at the same time as a caravan is taking a big risk. The truckie will always come out looking like the bully in this kind of situation, even though the caravan is in the wrong.


Then we get a second viewpoint from behind the whole incident. The truck driver was foolhardy to grab the inside lane, but it is the caravan which crosses the line, and then further antagonises everyone by driving off.


The comments on this YouTube video illustrate how the image of the trucking industry is so badly tarnished. There is very little understanding of the other’s position and a lot of abuse directed towards truck drivers in general.