Rejig and Rebuild

The Green Diamond is getting broken down so the structure can go through a rejig and rebuild process. Each part is being lovingly dismantled and then restored to its former glory. This episode shows the breaking down of the entire truck so individual components can be restored, before the reconstruction can begin.

The team doing the rebuild are getting some great help from a number of people and organisations. All are offering their services for free to help the project raise as much as it can for Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and to help those living with the disease.

National Transport Insurance (NTI) came up with this project after its former CEO, Wayne Patterson, was found to be suffering from MND himself. The truck insurer has developed a fundraising project in which this old International K5 from 1946 will be brought back to life.

Want to get involved? The simplest way to help is to enter the raffle at, to win the truck after the restoration is complete.

“The restored, operational truck will be a culmination of time, energy, skill and resources generously contributed by NTI’s people, suppliers, partners and industry affiliates”, says NTI CEO, Tony Clark. “It’s a truck built for the community, by the community. It will bring people together and tell a story, while serving a much greater purpose.”

It is projects like this that show how different the trucking community is to so many other industries. People get stuck in and support each other when the going gets tough, in an industry that is known for its cutthroat attitude and competitive pricing. This kind of project illustrates the community nature of trucking and gives many people an opportunity to give back to their community.

Diesel News wishes the team good luck and hopes to see the completed restoration raising the kind of big funding it deserves.