Relieving Compliance Pain

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Jevol roller brake testing and inspection systems relieve compliance pain, as more and more companies are now recognising the need to be compliant in the heavy vehicle industry. For many years, the national regulations with regard to heavy vehicles have been a work in progress but it now appears that the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is providing more clarity. With this comes the need to provide more testing in the areas of brakes, though it gives a framework into Chain of Responsibility laws in the area of maintenance.

Relieving Compliance Pain 

Australian workshops had very little choice in the areas of roller brake testers up until now. The Jevol Testing system, from Jevol Shanghai, has been a game changer. National Automotive Equipment Services (NAES) is the exclusive Australian agent for this system. More affordable compared to other European options, the Jevol System offers compliance testing that meets NHVR and Australian standards, with options to allow workshops to be ahead of the imminent NHVR changes.


Systems are available as in-ground and mobile configurations with optional play detector and sideslip testers integrated into a heavy vehicle test lane. Jevol’s TSR software is a simple user interface for extracting detailed test results. The system is modular so there is no requirement to purchase all of the test components at once – further options can be added as regulations change, with capability of adding diesel smoke analysers, headlight testers and speedometer testers.


The two most popular options with Australian clients have been the Play Detector, or ‘shaker’ as it has been nicknamed in Australia, and the integrated Jevol tablet control system. The Play Detector is key to quickly and accurately identifying steering and suspension faults in heavy vehicles enabling quick repair. This can save hours in downtime and give improved component wear. The integrated tablet system allows single-person operation, as the system can be controlled wirelessly in the cabin from the tablet interface.


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