Road Ahead for the NTC

A plan laying out the road ahead for the NTC (National Transport Commission) has been published this week. It includes the new NTC work program to tackle Australia’s biggest emerging transport challenges.

According to the NTC, the includes bolder and more strategic projects designed to identify and address the transport problems of the future. Paul Retter, NTC CEO, is quoted as saying there is little point waiting for transport problems to occur before taking action.

Road Ahead for the NTC

“Australia is undergoing rapid technological, social and economic changes which will result in the biggest transformations to our transport system since the invention of the motor car,” said Retter. “This work program reflects the need for the NTC to undertake bolder, more strategic reforms to ensure we are ready for the future.

“Australia can’t afford to sit back and wait for issues affecting our transport system to arise. We need to look to the future now and work together to resolve the challenges we can already see on the horizon.”

The road ahead for the NTC includes preparing for automated vehicles, developing a framework to guide future productivity improvements and developing options to improve the mechanisms and processes for setting and collecting road user charges. The plan al;so calls for the NTC to fill information gaps to provide evidence as a basis for future reforms, and examine ways the regulatory landscape will need to change in the lead up to 2040.

“Strategic analysis work like Land Transport Regulation 2040 is one way we will develop a larger evidence base for the longer-term reforms we will need for the future,” said Retter. “It will help us identify plausible scenarios and start the process of developing policy and regulatory responses to the challenges we are likely to face in the future.”

As well as these strategic projects, NTC’s work program includes a small number of operational policy projects, alongside ongoing maintenance work on national laws, model laws and administrative guidelines.

The NTC’s 2016-2020 Work Program has been endorsed by Transport and Infrastructure Council ministers and is now available to download from the NTC website.  The NTC Corporate Plan is also online.  The new Strategic Plan is also downloadable.