Road Trains in Back Streets

It’s a nightmare scenario, road trains in narrow back streets. This time it’s in Brazil, but it does show us the sort of chaos which can ensue with uncontrolled use of inappropriate trucks in the wrong location.


Of course, we are looking at behaviour in a country well known for its tendency to ignore the rules. Brazilians have a relaxed attitude to just about everything. Some of this behaviour isn’t just rule breaking, it isn’t even logical.


The risk of damage which can be caused by trying to run through a busy town with narrow winding streets with a road train must surely be toot high. Breaking up the road train and running the trailers through as singles must be easier, safer and probably quicker. They even compound the problem by running two road trains together.


Road Trains in Back Streets


Watching the B-double shunting back and forth while trying to tie itself in knots to get into a tanker loading gantry is also a little crazy. The number of suzies these truck drivers go through, if they do these kinds of manoeuvres regularly, must be phenomenal. This kind of manoeuvring is bound to cause damage.


The question comes to mind again, why not break it up and re assemble after loading. The fiddling around needed to thread the needle with a full B-double is surely worse than dropping the rear trailer and slotting the trailers in quickly, easily and with no damage?


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Author: Tim Giles

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