Rod Hannifey, Centurion and the Scott Group

Rod Hannifey, Centurion and the Scott Group

In the news this week, Rod Hannifey, Centurion and the Scott Group are joined by safety culture, trucks sales and finishing the Melbourne Ring Road, as topics covered.


Rod Hannifey, Centurion and the Scott Group


Perennial truck safety campaigner, Rod Hannifey, is one of 106 people to be awarded the Churchill Fellowship for his advocacy for road transport and truck safety. This will mean Rod will be funded, through the fellowship, to improve heavy vehicle road safety in Australia by researching best practice in other countries, namely, the UK, USA and Canada. At the same time, he will be able share his own work with the TruckRight Industry Vehicle.


The aim of the Churchill Fellowship Trust is to provide an opportunity for Australians to travel overseas to conduct research in their chosen field that is not readily available in Australia. It also aims to reward proven achievement of talented and deserving Australians with further opportunity in their pursuit of excellence for the enrichment of Australian society.



WA trucking operator, Centurion, his working with’s Road Safety Commission to help drive road safety messages to regional areas. Centurion’s fleet of fridge trailers are set to become ‘mobile bill boards’ carrying a range of messages aimed at improving the behaviours of drivers in regional Western Australia.


The first trailers to be branded will carry strong anti-drink-driving messages. Two of the first four trailers will service Centurion’s north-west route that includes Karratha, Port Hedland, Broome and Kununurra, while the other two will service Kalgoorlie.


“The idea to brand the trailers is in recognition of regional WA’s poor road safety record and the difficulty of communicating road safety messages to people living and travelling to the regions,” said Justin Cardaci, Centurion CEO. “We are a business very much focused on the safety of our people, the people we deal with and the communities we operate in. So, carrying messages on our trailers with the aim of keeping all road users safe is a great fit with us.”


Rod Hannifey, Centurion and the Scott Group
Paul Sarant K&S Corp Managing Director and CEO


K&S Corporation is now set to merge with Scott’s Transport Industries, with a binding agreement having been reached between the parties. Under the agreement, STI will transfer to K&S Freighters its rights and entitlements under its customer contracts and K&S Freighters will make offers of employment to the current employees of STI and employees of a related entity working in the STI business. K&S Freighters will recognise prior periods of service of transferring employees and STI will transfer to K&S Freighters the value of accrued leave entitlements of those transferring employees.


K&S Corporation has said it regards the proposed transaction as an excellent opportunity to further expand its K&S Energy division through the addition of significant fuel cartage operations. The transaction will also provide additional volume to K&S Corporation’s existing intermodal and contract logistics divisions.



Smaller fleets would do well to adopt the safety procedures employed by larger operators, according to Phil Taylor, Isuzu Director and COO.


“By nature, smaller fleets are dealing with fewer resources, and unfortunately this can affect their ability to form and enforce strict safety policies and procedures,” said Taylor. “One option available to them however, is to emulate the strategies used by larger companies.”


“The statistics on single-vehicle deaths paint a very sobering picture,” said Taylor. “They indicate that rates of fatigue and speed are still much too high. Naturally, the same can be said of any factor that contributes to a fatality, but these figures are particularly sad considering issues like speed and fatigue can be dramatically reduced through cultural changes within a company.”



In the official T-Mark figures released by the Truck Industry Concil for November 2016 a total truck market sales of 2,956 units, a 3.6 per cent on last year. Three of the four segments actually recorded equal or fewer sales to those of one year ago. However, the Heavy Duty segment recorded a 21.3 per cent (171 trucks) increase in sales over those recorded in November 2015 and an 11.7 per cent increase (102 trucks) over the preceding month of October 2016.



The current Victorian Government has committed to finishing off Melbourne’s Ring Road, if it gets re-elected at the next election. Costing $10 billion, the road would link the existing road to the north of the city to either the Eastern Freeway or the EastLink. $35 million is to be spent next year to prepare for the project with the go ahead possible after the election in November 2018.