Safer Degreasers on Offer

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A new water based degreaser is being launched onto the Australian workshop market. The new product, Eliminator, is to be launched by Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST). It claims the environmentally safe water based solution will be able to replace potentially hazardous chemical solvent based degreasers.


According to RST, while solvent based degreasers such as diesel, kerosene, mineral turpentine and mineral spirits work effectively as degreasers, they carry the risk of potential hazards including fire, explosion and dangerous fumes.


David Handel - RST operations and technical director - 1


The storage of such substance as solvent based degreasers is controlled by regulations, including the ‘Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids” standard, placing controls and restrictions on businesses using and handling solvent based degreasers.


RST says it saw the need for a water-based degreaser, which delivered the same results as solvent-based degreasers and developed a new product, Eliminator, to meet, what it sees as, emerging market demand.


Eliminator is a blend of surfactants, complexing agents and pH modifiers including anti-corrosion chemistry. It is said to be a multipurpose, industrial strength, solvent replacement degreaser with a wide range of applications, like engine and machinery degreasing, cleaning petroleum based soiling and degreasing garage and workshop floors.


According to RST, Eliminator uses water-based technology, effective on all grease, oil and fats, while being fast acting, user friendly, environmentally safe and biodegradable.


To use Eliminator, workshops should follow the recommended dosage rates for each application and apply the diluted solution to the application area, allow to work for a few minutes and then remove.


“The problem is that traditional water-based degreasers generally aren’t as effective as solvent-based degreasers,” said David Handel, RST Operations and Technical Director. “RST specialises in fine particle management through clever chemistry globally to large mining and earthworks projects, mainly in the areas of dust control and soil stabilisation.


“Knowing that caked on oil is full of fine particles, RST started a research and development program more than three years ago to invent a safe and effective water-based degreaser to meet growing demand. One of the crucial elements is that the product must not affect quality alloy components, so we undertook rigorous testing to ensure that Eliminator is safe to use on alloy.”