Safety Campaigner Calls for Mass Increase

A safety campaigner calls for mass increase at a trucking industry gathering. The safety record of the industry is often brought into focus when accidents continue to dent the reputation of the industry. The images of accidents involving trucks do not tell the full picture, when over 80 per cent of all fatal accidents which involve trucks are caused by something other than the truck.


In response to these issues, Transafe WA was formed in 2012 as a not-for-profit industry initiative with the vision of aiding the delivery of safer transport industry workplaces and roads by fostering and promoting safer practices. Running a series of Road Transport Industry Safety Forums in Western Australia, TransafeWA has said it wants to support industry to be the safest it can be.

Safety Campaigner Calls for Mass Increase

Steve Post is Founder and President of TransafeWA and he has been actively involved in road transport for over forty years. Once an owner-driver in long distance heavy haulage, he has also held senior management positions in general freight, livestock, grain, fuel haulage, mining and risk management.

Speaking to the Australian Trucking Association’s Trucking Australia Conference, on the Gold Coast, Post explained some of the philosophy behind TransafeWA.


“We are all about creating a safer industry so they all come home with ten toes, ten fingers and in the same condition as when they left home,” said Post. “Many options exist, but we have to embrace new technology, increased mass and driver selection.


“The easiest option for making the industry and roads safer is to increase mass. For all the B-doubles on the road, they could be reduced by putting more A-double combinations on the road. I believe there are many roads where this could be possible. I am really astounded the Hume Highway is still only allowed to carry B-doubles after all the money which has been spent on that highway over the years.


“Why hasn’t there been a change in the masses which are allowed down there. The reality is, you could easily reduce truck traffic on that road by twenty per cent by increasing the mass on those vehicles.


“When we look at increased mass we’ve got to adopt other technologies. Everyone might not like the Intelligent Access Program, but the reality is, if that’s the one way we are going to get government to agree to extra mass, then that’s the way we may need to go.”