Sensible Truckies

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There are some sensible truckies out there, it’s just that most of the time we only notice the problem members of the trucking community. This driver, Rod, is a case in point. He is producing well made and interesting videos and posting them on YouTube. His production values and human values look pretty good as well.

We don’t need to see a succession of truckies showing us with a shaky camera how well they can change up through a  Roadranger and get the exhaust roaring outside of the window. We don’y need them talking to camera and cursing all and sundry around them on the road. This may be a way of letting off steam, but it does not make the trucking industry look anything but out of control.

In a series of videos Rod has talked about issues in a sensible and controlled manner. He has a healthy attitude to life, safety and doing the right thing. He is not lecturing or trying to push some agenda, he is simply showing us what life is like for many truckies.

Of course, as a result of being sensible, he gets much lower viewing figures than some of the more out-there YouTubers. However, this is what the trucking industry needs, more people who represent the industry publicly who don’t come over as ill-informed, or downright dangerous.