Severe-Duty Diesel Engine Oil


Many of you will have heard about our revolutionary Severe-Duty Diesel Engine Oil – Top Dog Indestructible 15W-40 CK-4 and its ground breaking Indestructible additive package, but lubrication requirements don’t start and finish with your engine. There are many other areas requiring innovative lubrication and protection to complete the entire vehicle package, including the systems within the vehicle itself and also the heavy load bearing ancillaries that are connected to it. 

Grease is often an unsung hero when it comes to machinery and transport, and the undetected absence of this miracle lubricant in a busy working environment is one of the most common causes of equipment damage and failure, either through lack of maintenance or automatic lubrication system related malfunction. In the fast-paced and competitive transport industry, downtime can make or break a business. 

Loads carried by componentry requiring this form of lubricant can be extreme, and all it takes is a very short period of time without protection to shorten its lifespan dramatically, or even worse, cause complete failure, right when you don’t want it to happen. 

Gulf Western Oil has a vast range of grease products to suit just about any application, but two  specifically suited to the transport industry are Truck and Farm Grease and Super Blue Grease. 

Gulf Western Truck & Farm Grease is a very high-quality extreme duty application tacky lithium complex grease. It’s suited to nearly all heavy-duty greasing applications for agriculture, trucking, automotive, marine, industrial and earthmoving applications. Truck and Farm is formulated using a combination of highly refined, high viscosity mineral oils and synthetic polybutene base stocks, highly effective extreme pressure additives and superior oxidation and corrosion inhibitors in a high-temperature lithium complex thickener system.  Truck and Farm Grease resists water washout and “squeeze out” from surfaces requiring lubrication under high load conditions. It has been specially formulated to include a shear stable tackiness agent, so unlike other conventional lithium complex greases, it offers enhanced tenacity for stay put lubrication.  It is suited to the most demanding applications where equipment is subject to high loads, including shock loads, high temperatures as well as dusty and wet environments. Truck and Farm Grease is therefore suitable for bearings, gears, couplings, turntables, pins, hammers and most other applications found in agricultural, earthmoving, industrial, transport and other heavy-duty equipment.

Gulf Western’s Super Blue Grease, on the other hand, is a superior multi-purpose high-temperature Lithium Complex grease possessing excellent lubrication characteristics for a wide range of anti-friction and plain bearings, gears and couplings in automotive, marine, agricultural and industrial application. The extreme pressure and anti-wear properties enable the grease to give long service life under high loading and shock loading conditions across a broad operating temperature range. These special characteristics of shear stability, combined with the inclusion of effective rust, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, plus tackiness and adhesive additives, ensure this grease is the preferred recommendation for ‘sealed for life’ anti-friction bearings.  It’s the prime recommendation for use in applications where high thermal resistance is required too. These applications include industrial, automotive, earthmoving and marine applications such as wheel bearings, chassis, boat trailer wheel bearings and other applications requiring grease lubrication. It’s first choice for electric motors and an excellent recommendation for ball joints which demand characteristics that will ensure minimum wear and minimum torque with complete protection against rust. Both these products are available in cartridge, right through to 180kg bulk packaging options.

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