Shell holds forums on future energy needs

Dr Keith Suter, global futurist and thought leader.

Shell Australia recently brought together global and local technical experts and engine manufacturers to participate in the third annual Shell mining and transport technology forums held in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The forums provided customers the opportunity to have an open dialogue with Shell technical experts to discuss the challenges facing today’s energy industry, and how to work together towards possible energy solutions.

Craig James, sales and marketing general manager at Shell Australia, said global and local businesses are facing daily challenges around increasing productivity and finding more cost effective energy solutions.

“The world demand for energy is growing rapidly and by the end of the coming decade, growth in the production of easily accessible oil and gas will not match the projected rate of demand growth,” James said. “We believe there is no single solution to bridge this gap and a mosaic of energy solutions will be required. We need to think about the long term impacts of the decisions we make today.

“At Shell we’re working with partners and focusing on key areas including integrated natural gas, biofuels, carbon capture and storage and energy efficiency,” he added.

At the Shell technology forums, global futurist and thought leader Dr Keith Suter explained how Shell has developed a technique called ‘scenario planning’ to guide its thinking about the future.

“Scenario planning is not what’s currently being suggested or what you would like to see happen, but considers the possibilities of new ways of doing things that are yet to be explored,” Dr Suter said.

Craig James continued that Shell is investing in technologies to provide alternative energy solutions because by 2050, it’s estimated the world’s population will have grown from seven to nine billion with a corresponding energy consumption increase.

“We are optimistic that together we will come up with better solutions to the energy challenges we face today and into the future,” he said. “Our short term decisions will have long term impacts, and at Shell we do not think we have all the answers, but we want to start an open dialogue to work on innovative solutions to the energy challenge, to ensure we have a more sustainable business in the future.”

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