Shout The Message

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Here we see a great safety advert from YouTube, it’s the right message but we need to shout the message from the rooftops, not make a well-meaning ad to be shown online. Transport for NSW have done a great job of making an incisive ad, which gets its point over in a smart and believable way.

Will it get statewide TV exposure? Will there be funding to get this message out at any time other that 2am on a Tuesday morning, or as part of a PowerPoint presentation by a Transport for NSW representative.

The vast majority of car drivers not only know nothing about the issues around things like visibility in a truck, in truth, they are also unlikely to care. Many car drivers sit cocooned in their own car, with safety systems turned on and do what they want to do and are surprised when other drivers get upset.

Unfortunately, many drivers tune out the trucks moving around them. They assume the truck driver will be able to cope with their actions and their car will remain untouched. However, if the inevitable happens and the truck and car do collide, the damage and risk to life is much more severe than if two cars were involved.

There is also an automatic assumption from everyone outside the trucking community, the truck must be to blame. The media describe any accident which involves a truck, in any way at all, as a ‘truck accident’, assuming guilt from the get-go.

Is there any political will to shout this kind of real safety message from the rooftops?

Here’s another well made and well intentioned ad, this time from British Columbia, the message is clear, but what kind of exposure does this video get, and for how long?