Skilling up at Brisbane

Yes, the Brisbane Truck Show is all about the latest and greatest technology and showing off new models for sale in the Australian market, but there other priorities for the organisers. The Brisbane show is organised by the Commmercial Vehicle Industry Association of Queensland and they see one of major roles for the show as showcasing the truck and trailer industry to a younger generation, to bring new blood into the industry.


The show piece is the Apprentice Challenge, which sees teams of young technicians battling it out under the gaze of the assembled crowd to show their diagnostic skills, throughout the show. However, there are also hundred of young school kids and others from the younger generation who are interested in the truck industry, who come along and take a look at what’s going on.


This emphasis on bringing new skills into the industry has long been a significant priority for the CVIAQ as truck and truck related industry continue to struggle with the ongoing skills shortage.