Skills in Reverse

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It is a particular truck driver who can show these skills in reverse, getting this B-double into an extremely tight spot with trucks parked in the most awkward places and the yard jam-packed with vehicles and freight.

There are plenty of other videos on YouTube with drivers demonstrating a tremendous level of skill in getting difficult combinations into some amazing loading docks.

This particular driver did have the advantage of someone on foot near the truck to keep and eye on the blindside. The semi parked at right angles to the B-double is out of sight for long periods of time from the driver’s seat, but signals from the banksman have saved the day and kept all of the vehicles involved intact.

If you want to get better at reversing listen to this instructor teaching new drivers the basics and what they need to think about when reversing a B-double:

That’s the theory, now this is what it can get like in practice. One of those situations where the trailers can’t get lined up and the driver needs to take plenty of bites of the cherry to get it all in line and straight onto the dock: