Slammin’ Sam

“When was a trucker last given the keys to the city, or a knighthood?” It’s just one of the great lines from this YouTube ad for Paccar Parts, where Sam ‘Truckovich’ (AKA Kekovich) rants in a very realistic way about the tough life of those working in the trucking industry.


He talks about the things the industry does worry about, “Drowning our drivers in red tape, we are doing more paperwork than kilometres”.


Some of the demands are a little less than realistic, like higher bridge heights, but some of the salient facts about the importance of trucking to the economy are in there, as well.


Two which will play particularly well out on the road are, “Let’s get shower stops for truckers every ten kilometres.” and “Who had the bright idea of reducing truck stop menus to toasted cheese sandwiches?”


And on the subject of good food………