Smart Steering Wheel

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Last week the video was about the fatigue hack and this week we see an update on the smart steering wheel which has come out of this initiative. 

Since being named winners of the Australian Trucking Association’s FatigueHACK, Augmented Intelligence has ‘grabbed the truck by the wheel’ and set about turning their idea of a smart steering wheel into a reality. 

Tasked with creating a voluntary solution that could help drivers recognise and manage their own personal fatigue, the team is now looking to evolve both the prototype and their understanding of the trucking industry. 

Team Lead, Andrew Hammond, joined the ATA team and Volvo Professional Driver Trainer Bill Manton at the Sutton Road Training Centre to test their prototype in the Volvo ATA Safety Truck. Andrew walked the team through how the technology works and how it could help drivers manage their fatigue.

Over the coming months, the team will continue to create, test and refine their prototype, and are looking for industry partners to go on the journey with them. Their desire is for industry partners to enable, assist and guide them as they continually build, test and refine the smart steering wheel technology. 

They hope to be running a Proof of Concept in late 2018 across a fleet of up to 20 trucks. 

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