Square Peg, Round Hole

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Sometimes square, or rectangular-shaped equipment just doesn’t fit properly in the storage areas of modern vehicles. A new power inverter on the market is introducing a cylindrical-shaped compact design to provide more fitting options for the truck owner.


Th Pro-Wave 150 W pure sine wave inverter from Projecta, which given its shape and compact dimensions, can sit comfortably and securely in vehicle cup holder compartments and can be connected to the vehicle electrical system via the 12 volt accessory socket.


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Charging or powering of the appliances is actuated using the unit’s 2.1 A (5 V) USB port or through the conventional power plug outlet, both are said to provide fast charging.


This is the smallest model in the Projecta range of pure sine wave inverters, making it very portable. The inverter can be used for powering and charging small appliances on the go, such as laptops, tablets, camera, mobile phones, electric shavers and the like. It can also be transferred from one vehicle to another.


Other features of the unit include a heat-resistant plug and 600 mm fuse protected lead providing additional in-vehicle stowage options.


Unlike modified sine wave inverters, pure sine wave units such as the PW 150 convert 12 V DC power into 240 V mains power without static interruption, making them suitable for powering sensitive electrical equipment, fluorescent lighting and even medical devices without fear of damage or static interruption.