Step Inside the Cab



Here in Australia we are pretty proud of the way our trucks look inside and out. This is one of the Viking Mafia trucks which are making their way around the shows, but also working day to day. Unfortunately, a combination of strict length laws and dirty dusty conditions mean we can’t go as far as other countries in luxurious cabin interiors, just because we don’t have the room or can’t keep them clean. Here are a few examples of the kind of stuff they are doing overseas.


Check out this owner/driver working for Allied, and his 132 inch Peterbilt cab:


In Europe, it’s all about cramming as much as you can into a tight cabin. The Dutch drivers love their Scanias and bling them up inside:



The owner of Girl Power clearly spends most of their life cleaning it down:



Trust the Americans to go completely over the top. This is an example of a two bedroom sleeper:



Here’s a UK operator who has to keep his white interior clean driving for a scrap business!