Support EWDs, With Reservations

Support EWDs With Reservations

The Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association has said it will support EWDs, with reservations as it currently stands. The ALRTA has announced its National Council has resolved to support the roll out of voluntary electronic work diaries (EWD).


Support EWDs With Reservations


The ALRTA points out it remains opposed to any mandatory application of EWDs, and considers that the problems are rooted in the underlying laws around fatigue, access and general application of compliance and enforcement activities.

The livestock and rural transporters representatives contend these laws were designed for a regulatory system that did not rely on vehicle-based technology and there is now an urgent need to undertake a thorough review in the modern context.

The ALRTA has said it considers that all parts of government around Australia must work together to develop a single IT platform and rules for open source regulatory telematics devices that encompasses EWDs, IAP and any future road user charging system.  Now is the time to consider these issues if we are to avoid multiple devices being required in each vehicle.

ALRTA’s message to its members encourages operators to carefully consider whether or not an EWD is right for their business.