Swing Low

Fuso is set to swing low with one of the models released this year. The vast array of models from the Japanese truck maker are always task specific, and as a result, the specifications available from the Japanese in light- and medium-duty are very closely aligned from manufacturer to manufacturer. Sometime it would be hard to get a cigarette paper in between the model specs.

What we end up with is a truck market where the buying decision is based on something else, often price, but not exclusively. However, Fuso has one niche of the light-duty market which it owns – the low chassis and overall height of the Canter Super Low.

This is a model that went away and then returned with little fanfare a few years ago – the Canter 515 Super Low City Cab. Fuso is now highlighting this model as one which is unique to its Australian range. It has an unladen height of 2.01m and is said to be the only Japanese truck in the Australian market able to move under a 2.1m roof, with a safety margin of nearly 9mm. This allows access into most car parks to make deliveries, pick-ups or carry out other work.

“We are the only Japanese truck manufacturer to offer this type of product and we know it is the perfect model for operators in certain industries,” says Fuso Product Management and Engineering Senior Manager, Romesh Rodrigo. “Hitting the ceiling in a covered car park is an expensive mistake and being denied access to key locations because your truck is too tall can limit the effectiveness of operators to service their customer’s needs. That’s why Fuso has delivered this clever solution.”

All of the 4.5-tonne gross vehicle mass (GVM) models utilise the smooth, independent front suspension, which gives these lighter trucks such a smooth ride. The exception is the factory tipper, which sticks to steel springs all round.

Power comes from a three-litre engine generating 150hp (110kW) between 2,840rpm and 3,500rpm and 370Nm (272 ft lb) of torque from 1,350rpm to 2,840rpm. This engine rating is also used on the trucks with GVMs between 5.5 and 6.5 tonnes. However, at higher GVM ratings like the 918 crew cab tested, the same engine gets a power boost, but also a Selective Catalytic Reduction

(SCR) system in addition to the standard DPF. This engine is rated at 175hp (129kW), with a torque output up to 430Nm (317 ft lb).