Sydney to Perth in an electric truck

A proposed competition is planning to seek out electric trucks capable of driving from Sydney to Perth. The Volta Prize foundation reckons it will be offering a first prize of $6 million for the winner, with a number of other, supplementary prizes for innovation.


Screenshot 2015-06-11 11.07.47



Apart from the straight A to B race considerations, points may gained or deducted by the judges as a result of safety considerations and how close the truck gets to being a practical load carrying solution.



The trucks which enter will need to have a minimum load carrying capacity of nine tonnes and proven to be capable of real world production. The truck must be able to cover 700 km on one charge. It must also comply with all Australian standards and regulations for HR class vehicles.



The maximum time allowed to fully recharge the battery is reckoned to be 8 hours on a standard 240 volt supply. It must also be capable of reaching 80 per cent charge in 30 minutes. Truck builders will not be allowed to use hydrogen fuel cells as an energy storage device.



“We believe solutions can come from anyone, regardless of background,” says the prize’s website. “We believe we have a duty to inspire the next generation to greater heights, just as the last generation inspired us.”



The avowed aim of the prize organisers is to increase the speed of transition from internal combustion engine powered vehicles to electric powered vehicles worldwide. They also say the envisioned result should be production capable new vehicles and/or existing-vehicle modifications, not concept vehicles.