System Alerts Simplified

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Hummingbird Electronics’ new 16-channel customisable audio alert system aims to make the driver’s job easier by replacing the numerous warning lights, symbols and buzzers on a truck dashboard with clear audible instructions that announce exactly what has triggered the alarm, without any interpretations or symbol translations required.
System Alerts Simplified

“There are a lot of parts to a truck and trailer that will send a warning when attention is required, from things like low oil pressure, high engine temperature or even lights being left on,” says Mark Bruce, National Sales and Marketing Manager, Hummingbird. “On a standard dashboard, these warnings and alarms can be vague, confusing or intimidating and they need to be interpreted.”

Instead of reaching for an operator’s manual to find out the meaning of a warning symbol, the audio alert system will announce the issue in plain speech. “The beauty of the Audio Alert system is that it is completely up to the operator to choose what will trigger the alarm, and what it will say,” Mark says. “The system is compatible with any equipment that provides output feedback via CANBus, J1939 or RS485 system triggers, so it can be configured to announce practically anything.”

Refrigerated transport operators, for example, could hook up the Hummingbird system to gauges in the trailer and announce if the temperature reaches a pre-determined level, with the in-cab speaker announcing something like, ‘check temperature levels’ or ‘temperature levels unsafe’ or ‘it’s getting hot in here’. Mark says the system allows users to record their own announcements, so the options are endless.

The smart technology can also be configured with different levels of priority, so if both a ‘check engine’ and a ‘headlight on’ warning were to trigger at the same time, the more important alarm would be heard first – and repeated as many times as the user determines during programming.