flexibility in the fleet

Flexibility in the Fleet 

According to Steve Davidge and his wife Sam, who run a small operation from a modest yard on the edge of Temora NSW, it’s important to keep flexibility in the fleet. Typical of transport businesses in the area, their operation serves the agricultural industry with sets of tippers geared to handle the cyclical changes of location and product as the seasons change. Read more

trucking out Temora way

Trucking Out Temora Way

Running a Grain Cartage Business in Country NSW is hard enough, but Steve Davidge also runs a horse breaking and training business at the same time, so Diesel News checked in on trucking out Temora way. Read more

a couple of brands with new models

A Couple of Brands With New Models

At the recent Brisbane Truck Show, visitors got to see a couple of brands with new models and new features on display. These two brands come from either end of the heavy duty sector. The show was a chance to see what keeps these brands moving ahead and what we can expect from them in the future. Read more

how many clutches do you need?

Volvo May Have Overtaken Kenworth on Truck Sales?

With Volvo topping the heavy duty truck sales figures for the past two months, Volvo may have overtaken Kenworth on truck sales? In the figures published by the Truck Industry Council for June 2019, Volvo sold 225 heavy duty trucks, while Kenworth achieved 202. This leaves Volvo just 50 trucks behind Kenworth’s 1154 total sales for the year in this market segment. Read more

trucking with Jimmy Barnes

Trucking With Jimmy Barnes

Here is a video associating trucking with Jimmy Barnes, using a truly great Australian icon to emphasise the down to earth Australian values which Mack Trucks continues to associate itself with. Jimmy is the perfect soundtrack for this kind of modern nostalgia for good old Aussie attitudes and philosophy.

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organised chaos

Organised Chaos

“From 5 o’clock it is just a frenzy of freight going everywhere; organised chaos, as we start this massive sorting process,” says Tim Sullivan of Sullivans Logistics.. “We put every bit of freight across the scales and we check it all off. The parcels go into cages, the paperwork is all printed and collated. It is all split up into the various towns and areas for delivery. 

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my own overnight run

My Own Overnight Run

“At the time, all I wanted to do was have my own overnight run,” says Tim Sullivan of Sullivans Logistics. “Who the hell would want to drive a truck overnight? Well, bugalugs did. I bought a UD PK240 and put a curtainsider body on it to haul the mail to Kalgoorlie.

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running express, out West

Running Express, Out West

The key to growing a trucking business is keeping your options open, being as flexible as possible and doing the job right and this is true when running express, out West. Diesel News speaks to a Perth-based operator who seems to have hit the right note with customers, learning the lessons from problems early on.

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1,000th Mack truck built for Hanson

1,000th Mack truck built for Hanson 

Mack Trucks Australia has celebrated an historic new milestone, handing over the keys to the 1,000th Mack truck built for Hanson, one of Australia’s most iconic construction material suppliers.  The number 1,000 truck is a Trident AF with a four-axle dog trailer, which will work out of Hanson’s Wolffdene quarry in Queensland, reported to be one of the largest quarries in the southern hemisphere. 

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the trucking world on Instagram

The Trucking World on Instagram

Here’s another selection of images from the trucking world on Instagram. We start off with a rather large bulldog looking got wrong direction. No idea why the bulldog is on there and where it is going. It is not a golden bulldog only a silver one, which would suggest this truck does not have a 100 per cent Mack driveline.

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