photos from around Australia

Photos from Around Australia

Every week Diesel News likes to feature photos from around Australia of the trucking industry showing up on Instagram. Here’s this weeks pictures, with a positive image, a skills show-off, a classic conventional and a short B-double.

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Best Pictures of the Week

We bring you the best pictures of the week on Instagram, from around Australia. We start out West in the Pilbara, there’s look a nice looking Bulldog from Port Kembla, checking out a mine road before pulling the trailers into trouble, delivering to Bunnings and carting cattle in an AB-triple.

Heather welcomes a visitor to the Pilbara Heavy Haulage Girls yard in Karratha:

This one of the Ross fleet out of the NSW South Coast:

It’s always a good idea to check out a delivery site you are unfamiliar with before committing a few trailers onto a narrow road:


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Can you hire excavators at Bunnings now?:

Carting cattle in an AB-triple:

find a way to steal a march on competitors

Find a Way to Steal a March on Competitors

Innovation, Innovation, Innovation, build a better mousetrap, find a way to steal a march on competitors; these are among the elements of what’s required to stay ahead of the pack and therefore remain profitable and viable in the future.

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harvesting and transporting plantation timber

Harvesting and Transporting Plantation Timber

In Queensland, SunChip’s business is harvesting and transporting plantation timber grown in a vast swathe of forest stretching from Bundaberg to Brisbane. Growing time for the Caribbean pine from planting to harvest is 30 years, after which the land is replanted within six to 12 months and the cycle repeats itself.

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how different will the Aussie Mack Anthem be

How different will the Aussie Mack Anthem Be?

The answer to the question about how different will the Aussie Mack Anthem be is still open. This model is only recently launched in North America and the process of rejigging the design for Australia is going to take a while. However, the Australian Mack organisation has been involved since the original inception of the Anthem project, back in 2012. Their input was taken on board, so the shift from left hand drive to right hand drive could be feasible. 

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the fundamentals of the Mack Anthem

The Fundamentals of the Mack Anthem

If we look at the fundamentals of the Mack Anthem, as it is sold on the North American market, we can also get a good idea of how the innovations will flow out when the model is introduced, down the track, to Australia. 

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Utilising the Latest Technology Equipment

SunChip has carved out an enviable reputation in the plantation forests of southeast Queensland and southern NSW, utilising the latest technology equipment including Mack trucks, Elphinstone trailers and Tigercat forestry machines. Diesel News spoke with SunChip General Manager, Dirk Koeppen.

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Mack Anthem Breakout

Mack Anthem Breakout

The launch of a new model in the US and the Mack Anthem breakout opened up long haul possibilities for the truck maker, not only in North America, but also here in Australia. Diesel News traveled to the US to see what it’s all about.

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Top Trucking Instagrammers

Top Trucking Instagrammers

Top trucking Instagrammers get some great shots of their trucks and share them with the world each week.

The first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset are known as the ‘Golden Hour’ by photographers. This truck really pops in the low sunlight as sunset approaches:

Parking the truck on a wet yard always gives you great reflections in the image:

Another ‘Golden Hour’ shot with the low sun adding to the richness of the shot: