small fleet of multiple combination trucks

Small Fleet of Multiple Combination Trucks

Mick Baker runs a small fleet of multiple combination trucks out of small base in Dalby, 200km west of Brisbane, on the Darling Downs. Still driving himself, Mick comes from a farming background. His father grew up on the farm and has a farm with a couple of trucks. He spent his youth driving a Mack R600 around the paddock. Read more

robot trucks are here

Robot Trucks Are Here

There’s no doubt about it, it’s true, robot trucks are here. Every few weeks another task is being handled by an autonomous truck in one of the many demonstration projects which are being used as a proof-of-concept for autonomous trucks.

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knowledge is power

Knowledge is Power

Perth’s road transport operators have been identified as the key to solving Perth’s growth challenges and, in keeping with the adage ‘knowledge is power’, transport and courier companies are being asked to provide data for a new study of logistics in the city.

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two Turkish technologies

Two Turkish Technologies

After his visit to Europe to check out new truck technology, Diesel News’ US Correspondent, Steve Sturgess, looks at two Turkish technologies which caught his eye, and the eyes of many industry observers, resulting in one of them being included in the International Truck of the Year.

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independent agency ends

Independent Agency Ends

Life for the organisation as an independent agency ends when Transport Certification Australia (TCA) status is changed and it is folded in with Austroads. This will be a logical step as Austroads is the umbrella organisation of road transport and traffic agencies in Australia and New Zealand, is based in Sydney and funded by the federal Australian government.

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when it comes to telematics, integration is key

When it Comes to Telematics, Integration is Key

Managing a successful transport business is the ultimate juggling act and, when it comes to telematics, integration is key. With a fleet of vehicles going in and out of the home base throughout the day, keeping an eye on them is a fulltime job alone. You’re scheduling tasks, checking vehicles are up to code and ensuring drivers are taking the most efficient routes, taking breaks and being as safe as possible. Not to mention all the other aspects of running a business, such as staying on budget, liaising with customers and maintaining accurate paperwork.

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crystal-ball gazing from Mercedes-Benz

Crystal-Ball Gazing from Mercedes-Benz

Sitting through six hours of crystal-ball gazing from Mercedes-Benz’s ‘FutureLab’ event Diesel News’ European Correspondent is not complaining. Every day is a learning opportunity and FutureLab gave Brian plenty to think about, even if his head was spinning from trying to get it around all that information.

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working for the major corporates

Working For the Major Corporates

Small transport operations find working for the major corporates to be a very onerous issue. They are more used to sub-contracting to larger transport operations or contracting with smaller businesses. One small operation based in Adelaide has taken the bull by the horns and is working for some of the big players in the energy and mining industries as a primary contractor.

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mandate the use of telematics in all heavy vehicles

Mandate the Use of Telematics in all Heavy Vehicles

A call for the government to mandate the use of telematics in all heavy vehicles has been made by the Australian Logistics Council. It came out with the suggestion after reviewing the outcome of the recent Transport and Infrastructure Council meeting of the country’s transport ministers in Sydney.

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do we want safer trucks?

Do We Want Safer Trucks?

The answer to the simple question, do we want safer trucks? Of course, the answer is yes, no-one wants their trucks to be less safe, do they. However a survey by the national Heavy Vehicle Regulator does highlight an issue. 

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