The Truckie and Instagram

The Truckie and Instagram

In Australia, the truckie and instagram have a close relationship. Proud of their trucks, our truckies like to post photos of them on Instagram, to be admired by others in the industry. Today we are looking a selection of shots of favourite trucks by their proud owners or drivers, trying to get the trucks in their best light.



There’s something about the Mack Superliner, which gets the blood pumping just a little. Maybe it’s just that distinctive V8 roar!




Unloading in Lismore this driver gets the low rising sun to add drama to the image of their B-double set:

On the Saturday morning unload in Lismore! #mainfreight #freightisgreat A post shared by Mcleans Freight Service (@mcleansfreightservice) on



Yet again in a low light situation. Turn on the marker lights and let the camera do the rest.



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