Third World Trucking

Third World Trucking

We think we have it tough, have a look at some Third World Trucking in this promotional video. The narrative here is one we would recognise, but set on roads we would try to avoid and with drivers working in conditions we would find unacceptable.


The Indian community are rightly proud of their truckies and salute them in this anthem made by one of the main truck manufacturers on the Sub Continent, Ashok Leyland. Here we see an idealised view of life on the road, but the driver still sleeps under the truck and sits by a campfire at night.


Most of these trucks are sold as simply a chassis and an engine with a steering wheel attached to the front cowl of the truck. The owner of the truck will then build the cabin and body onto the basic chassis (no strict ADRs here!). Here is a brand new truck on the way to a new customer:



The second smaller truck featured in our main video shows how the Indian truck business is developing. This model is sold with a complete cabin already fitted and ready to go, and this trend is increasing.


To keep up with the needs of a rapidly expanding economy, the Indian government is building newer faster roads to improve transport productivity. However, the issue of old carts and overloaded motor bikes on these major highways continues to be a problem.


The new roads make an appearance in this highly suspicious speed test on a brand new road somewhere in India:


What shines through is the pride in their job by the truckies themselves and the respect they are given within Indian society, something the Australian community should think about emulating in the future.