This Is The Modern World

Remain Vigilant

We may like to indulge in nostalgia in the trucking world, but this is the modern world we are talking about. Sometimes it is difficult to separate the real facts from the myths and legends in this industry.


What we do know is thirty or forty years ago, there were a lot of rogues in the industry. The boundaries of possibilities were stretched to breaking point on a regular basis until it became normal practice.


In fact, anyone working in the trucking industry was putting their life on the line every night, out on the major highways. What was going on out there has been passed down to us in the stories told by those who lived it, or thought they did. Some of the stuff makes your hair stand on end and is unthinkable today.


However, look around the industry today and there are still plenty of rogues, but most of them are now reformed rogues, who have seen the light, got with the program and try to run a clean and safe operation. They have woken up to the modern world and realised the error of their ways from when they were young and wild.


This is not to say the wild rogue days are completely gone. There will always be folk who seem driven to break the rules, just for the sake of breaking them. However, for the reformed rogue it is simply a matter of doing their best to do the right thing.


The important factor in all of this is the passion which is carried over into the modern way of working. These people were passionate about their trucks and trucking. This meant they often didn’t see just how far outside of legal behaviour they were pushing themselves. They just wanted to get the job done as fast and as heavy as they could get away with.


The trucking industry is going to be fine as long as that passion doesn’t go away, but this is the modern world we’re talking about. Passion now needs to be about everyone coming home safe every day, about being the responsible citizen and positively effecting safety throughout a trucking operation.


Sometimes this modern stuff all seems to go too far and anyone with a longish memory can remember when they could get away with a bit of risky behaviour and it was all okay. Well, it’s not okay anymore. The risks are higher and the consequences much, much worse, both legally and physically.


Nostalgia is a wonderful thing and those stories from the old days are great, but when we imagine our modern selves in those situations it sends a shudder down the spine, or it should!