Tipping Top Ten Tips

Diesel News presents the Tipping Top Ten Tips from truckies on YouTube showing off their tipping dog trailer reversing skills and showing us all how to do it. Experienced tipper and dog drivers know all about this but the subtleties of getting the steering just right are demonstrated by this excellent video showing the operation from every angle.


Here a quad dog driver shows us how to do it with a series of top tips, but some shaky camera work:


These skills are not just confined to Australia. Here are some tipper and dog operators showing off their skills in a much colder climate and in snowy conditions. presumably it’s in Canada where they appear to turn the trailer out on either side:


Here we see a rank amateur, on his second day in the job, being shown how it should be done. He had got the tipper and dog onto the site on a rainy afternoon and got stuck. His boss kicks him out of the cabin and shows him exactly how to handle the combination with a three axle dog:

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Author: Tim Giles

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