Toll NQX share safety knowhow

When a major organisation like Toll NQX steps up to the plate to share what it has learned about improving safety in its operation, the trucking industry is going to sit up and listen. In a webinar on August 12, Toll NQX General Manager, Greg Smith, will host a webinar in which he will share insights gained from Toll NQX’s use of telematics and cameras in its ongoing effort to prevent incidents and to protect drivers and the communities they travel through.



When Toll NQX installed in-vehicle camera systems in its long haul fleet in mid-2011, it said it was not expecting to shake the conventional wisdom that speed and fatigue are the greatest safety risks for truck drivers. As a result of the installation program, Toll NQX now says it has compelling evidence that driver distraction also poses a significant incident risk. This is changing the way Toll NQX operates its fleet, manages risk, and engages with drivers and contractors.


“At Toll, safety is more than a priority, it’s a value,” said Smith. “For Toll NQX, clocking up around 100 million kilometres per year, safety is also a permanent goal. We’re always evaluating improvements to assist with incident prevention.


“In 2009 we set out to discover what more we could do. After installing in-vehicle camera systems in our linehaul fleet, we gained some valuable insights which have since changed the way we operate our fleet, manage risk and engage with our drivers and contractors. As a result of these changes and the implementation of other preventative measures, trucks are involved in fewer incidents. We’re pleased to share our knowledge and do our part to help make Australian roads safer.”


Toll NQX is part of the National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP), a collaborative network for Australian organisations to build and implement effective road safety strategies in the workplace.


The webinar, entitled ‘Toll NQX talks heavy vehicle safety’ takes place on Tuesday August 12, 11:00am – 11:30am. To register visit the Toll NQX website.