Toll takes wing

Toll says it is introducing an innovative piece of technology and design, resulting in increased safety and productivity for both Toll Express staff and customers. The company was involved in the development of Australia’s only Wingliner with motor-driven mezzanine floors has transformed the way it loads freight and delivers to customers.


Wingliner_01 copy



“We purchased our first rigid truck Wingliner around 12 months ago,” said Larry O’Regan, Toll Express General Manager. “During this time we have seen multiple benefits for both Toll Express customers and staff who both gain from the Wingliner’s smart, safe and time-saving technology.



“Unlike traditional vehicles where the sides are manually opened and closed to load and unload freight, the Wingliner’s sides automatically open and close with a simple push of a button.



“This allows staff on lifting restrictions to return to the workforce sooner. And, reduces the time spent in loading docks enabling customers to access their freight quicker, reduce congestion and increase productivity.”



Toll Express National Strategic Operations Manager Warwick Rust is quoted by Toll as saying sides which automatically open and close provide significant safety and time-saving benefits, it is the automatic mezzanine floor Toll Express developed the system with trailer and body builder, Vawdrey.


“We consulted extensively with our customers and staff to inspire the design of a user-friendly mezzanine floor that can be automatically raised and lowered to the required position,” said Rust.



There is an excellent video demonstrating just how the system works.