Top Performance Trucks on Demo

Bundaberg recently got to see top performance trucks on demo, courtesy of a group of local councils in Queensland. The event saw the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator bring together a selection of the latest innovative truck and trailer designs to enhance productivity and safety using Performance Based standards.

A difficult winding demonstration course showed off the capabilities of the PBS trucks with a tight roundabout being the centre of attention. The representatives of a number of local authorities responsible for roads in Queensland saw the trucks manoeuvre around the course with ease, little off tracking and no road damage.

On show were a selection of the types of truck which have developed using the PBS principles. There were truck and dog combinations using the extra length available for stability and extra axles to increase GCM. B-double used dimensions and axle positioning to improve overall performance and productivity. The A-doubles on show gave the road authorities insight into their capabilities.


Also on display was the latest MAN truck being used by the Australian Army. The twin steer axle weights are causing some access issues and the army saw the display as a chance to mitigate any concerns on the part of the road authorities.


Top Performance Trucks on Demo


Star of the show was a small A-double milk tanker in the colours of Blu Logistics. This 6×4 prime mover pulls a single axle trailer, which, in turn, pulls a tandem axle dolly with spread axles and steering. This connects to a second single axle trailer. The axle set up with steering saw the combination circling an especially tight roundabout with ease and the spreading of the axles brings with it the added benefit of higher single axle masses.


For more on this impressive demonstration see the next issue of Diesel Magazine and get the full story.