Top Techs, OBM, Beef Roads and Stevedore Profits

Top Techs, OBM, Beef Roads and Stevedore Profits

There are Top Techs, OBM, Beef Roads and Stevedore Profits in the news this week from Diesel news.


Top Techs, OBM, Beef Roads and Stevedore Profits


The top technicians from Isuzu’s Dealer Network have gone head to head with the some of the world’s sharpest mechanical minds to earn a bronze medal at the annual Isuzu World Technical Competition, also known as the I-1 Grand Prix.


The team of Jake Quick from Ballarat Isuzu and Drew Murden from Peel Valley Isuzu, coached by Isuzu’s Queensland Service Technical Manager Brenton Cook, achieved the podium finish in Fujisawa, Japan, at the 12th annual I-1 GP.


The event saw the best Isuzu Truck service technicians in the world challenged in every aspect of their work, from vehicle inspection and systems management diagnostics, to repair tests and mechanical measuring.


“This year, the ante was upped in terms of the level of competition at the Grand Prix, so it’s excellent to see the Australian Isuzu Trucks team finish third and bring home the bronze,” said David Smith, Isuzu National Training Manager. “Everyone within Isuzu Australia would like to offer their congratulations to Jake, Drew and Brenton. The trio were excellent representatives of Isuzu Australia and performed fantastically in what was a pressure-cooker situation.”


Stevedore Profits


Container stevedores increased their profit margins in 2016-17 but still increased charges on trucking operators. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission published the findings this week in its 2016-17 container stevedoring monitoring report.


The report found that stevedore profit margins went up 4 percentage points in 2016-17 to 17.1 per cent. During the financial year, DP World and Patrick either introduced or substantially increased infrastructure charges on truck and rail operators. The charges are likely to earn a combined $70 million in additional revenue.


First Beef Roads Improvement


The first project under the $100 million Beef Roads Program has been approved by the Australian Government to seal 16.9 km of the Clermont to Alpha Road in Central Queensland, reports the Beef Central Website.

This initial release of funding comes two-and-a-half years after the initial funding package was announced by then Prime Minister Tony Abbott, in May 2015.


Darren Chester , current Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport is quoted by Beef Central as saying the $8.017 million works in Central Queensland will significantly improve road safety, travel reliability and access for oversize vehicles while reducing freight and maintenance costs.


OBM Progress


Transport Certification Australia says it is currently processing five applications for type-approval of On-Board Mass (OBM) Systems.


The number of applications paves the way to establishing an open technology market for the supply of OBM Systems. This ensures that end-users will be provided with more choice, competitive pricing and innovative technology.


Applications for OBM System type-approval must meet both specifications, along with a probity and financial assessment. This represents a major step forward in establishing performance-based outcomes for the accuracy, integrity, scalability and interoperability of OBM systems which can satisfy the needs of both industry and government.