Trailer Moving Gadgets

This week we are looking at trailer moving gadgets. Anyone who has worked in the trucking industry is aware of the problem, all of the prime movers are out on the road and this one trailer needs to be moved for some reason. Bigger fleets can usually afford to run some kind of yard truck, either an ageing ex-highway prime mover or a dedicated custom built yard tug. However, for many it’s a matter of waiting for the first truck to return to the yard to get the job done. These gadgets do seem to offer an alternative.


Here’s another example of the kind of thing available elsewhere in the world, this time with added complexity, remote control. This suggests the next stage would be a robot yard gadget shifting trailers around to a preset program, squeezing trailers into tight spaces with precision:


This one is claimed to be able to handle trailers weighing up to 23 tonnes. This means it’s not going to capable of shifting your loaded B-double sets around the yard:


However, if you need something shifting from A to B, here is the ultimate tool, also likely to cost the ultimate price. This system from Mammoet will shift anything anywhere:

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Author: Tim Giles

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