Truck of the Future?

Is this the truck of the future? Or is it the truck of the past? It is, in fact, a futuristic prototype truck which was built well over ten years ago.

The Colani TUM Supertruck of 2006 was dubbed the ‘Innotruck’ and took the separated driving compartment concept to new levels. A powered aerodynamic lower module contained all the mechanicals of a conventional prime mover including a fifth wheel.

On top of this sat the semi-trailer that included a cab integrated into the trailer’s nose, reduced to a conical glass canopy projected out from the streamlined trailer body rather like the Concorde’s nose.

The concept included the race car-like power module, the semi trailer and a third full trailer.

It was designed and built in cooperation with a team from the Technical University Munich (TUM) and was intended as a demonstration vehicle with a meeting room occupying the trailer behind the pointed single seat driving compartment. Entry and exit from the driving compartment was achieved by sliding the nose, windshield and forward windows forward for the driver to step up and into the driving seat.