Truck Rest Area Data Available 

truck rest area data available

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) made widely usable truck rest area data available when it commenced the release of digitised informal rest area information through the Traveller Information Exchange (TIX). This second instalment of consolidated heavy vehicle rest area information is the first time that information about informal rest areas, identified by green reflectors, has been digitised.

Rod Hannifey has been promoting the use of green reflectors as a cheap and effective measure to identify informal rest areas (see this story). The opportunity to digitally record the location of informal rest areas led TCA to work with Rod on this initiative.

“I welcome TCA’s support and enthusiasm for making truck rest area information more available and accessible than ever before, and including green reflector marking of informal bays as well,” said Rod. “We need not only more rest areas, but the ability to know where they are in advance, to help us manage our fatigue.

“When you get tired and need a site, you need to know when rest areas are available. If we save one driver from a fatigue event, this will be yet another step-in helping drivers be safe on the road.”


 truck rest area data available



The 2018 fatigueHACK hosted by the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) in April 2018 kick-started a conversation about rest area information through in-cab devices.

“Over the last twelve months TCA has worked with Road and Transport Safety Advocate, Rod Hannifey, to digitally record location and amenity information of informal rest areas,” said Chris Koniditsiotis, TCA CEO. “By using in-cab navigation devices which reference information provided through TIX, drivers will have advance knowledge of informal rest area locations and amenities during their trip.

“As the outgoing CEO of TCA, I am particularly pleased that Rod Hannifey’s work on green reflectors (which he has personally championed for nearly two decades) has progressed into the digital realm.”

The digitisation of informal rest area information complements the installation of green reflector markings near informal truck bays along the Newell Highway, which was progressed with Rod during Round 2 of the Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative program administered by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) on behalf of the Commonwealth Government. It also coincides with the recent release of the Austroads Guidelines for the Provision of Heavy Vehicle Rest Area Facilities, which includes guidelines on the use of green reflectors to identify informal rest areas.

Users can access information on heavy vehicle rest areas through TIX on the TCA website.