Truckcare in safe hands

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According to the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association the integration of its Truckcare program into Trucksafe is going ahead as planned.



Earlier this year, Truckcare became a module of Trucksafe and management of the scheme was transferred to the Australian Trucking Association. Livestock operators accredited under the program can now use both programs under a single administration and auditing system as well as only paying a single set of fees.



Graham Emery of Martins Livestock Transport has joined the Trucksafe board to assist in oversight of the module. He joins, fellow livestocker and LRTAWA President, Stephen Marley who is currently the Trucksafe Chair. Meanwhile, Tracey Boschetti of the LBCA in NSW has also been appointed to the Trucksafe Industry Accreditation Council.



Former members of Truck care are now becoming Trucksafe accredited and StockTrans and Smithfield Cattle Company have each recently gained Trucksafe accreditation. New South Wales-based StockTrans moves livestock throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, running 28 B-doubles, five B-triples and two road train combinations.



“Safety is our highest priority in our operations. It just made sense to join Truckcare and now Trucksafe – it’s all about making sure things are done right the first time,” said Joe Sepos, Managing Director of StockTrans.



Smithfield Cattle Company is a family owned company, operating out of South Burnett in Queensland and has been one of the country’s biggest feedlot providers since opening its doors in 1986 and has been a TruckCare member since 2009.



“Trucksafe and Truckcare accreditation sends a good message to our clients, we were the Woolworths livestock supplier of the year in 2014,” said Jason Shearer-Smith, Smithfield Managing Director. “These systems provide them with assurance that we are doing the right thing.”