Truckies as Baddies

This election ad doesn’t help anyone. All we are doing here is reinforcing the impression the trucking industry is highly dangerous and truckies are going around killing children. Yes, make an ad to tell people not to vote Liberal, that’s fair enough, but don’t do it at the expense of denigrating your own industry. An industry which already suffers from a very negative public perception. At a time when the image of trucking needs all the help it can get, simply reinforcing false stereotypes is just exacerbating the problem. No-one wants their kids to work in an industry like the one presented in this attack ad.


Tony Sheldon and the Transport Workers Union have the right to go hard and to drive home their issues. They do so here in a video made in the lead up to the abolition of the RSRT. Yes, strong emotion, heartfelt discussion and an all out attack on the Prime Minister. This is good old robust Australian politics, but it’s not denigrating everyone who works in our industry.