Trucking in the UK

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In this video we have a snapshot of trucking in the UK, brought to us by the tireless Australian trucking campaigner, Rod Hannifey. Rod has just returned from a recent trip to the UK and the USA as a result of receiving the Churchill Fellowship funding to make the fast finding trip to check out the issues and possible solutions to common problems across the trucking industry.

Rod was awarded the NRMA/ACT Road Safety Trust Churchill Fellowship for Road Safety from a pool of some 1200 applicants. Rod deferred the trip for one year with approval from the Churchill Trust to better align with events towards the objectives of the fellowship trip, ‘To study trucks and road safety in England, Canada and America’.

The event Rod attended in the UK was the Convoy in the Park, an annual get together truckies from all over the UK. There’s truck racing at the Donington Park racetrack plus plenty of other truck related activities. This event is one of the few chances for the people of the trucking industry in the UK to get together, socialise and discuss the issues the industry has.

The interviews Rod has filmed show how difficult truckies in the UK have it, suffering many issues in common with those we have to put up with in Australia. Problems with car drivers and the way they behave around trucks is one of those issues which seems to be a global one.

The lack of professional well-trained drivers also appears to be universal as the UK struggles with a similar driver shortage to our own. 

Look out for a particularly British feature of the event close to the end of this video. On the inset screen you will see an example of caravan jousting, where trucks tow caravans with an offset tow hitch. The idea is to replicate the spirit of medieval knights and their jousting competitions, with a twist. Here the idea is not to kill the other person, but to smash their caravan to smithereens. 


trucking in the UK