Trucking With Jimmy Barnes

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Here is a video associating trucking with Jimmy Barnes, using a truly great Australian icon to emphasise the down to earth Australian values which Mack Trucks continues to associate itself with. Jimmy is the perfect soundtrack for this kind of modern nostalgia for good old Aussie attitudes and philosophy.

A restrained Jimmy sings one his most famous songs at a slower pace, sounding more like a country ballad than the original driving rock of the mid-eighties. The quality of filming and sound reproduction are excellent and suited to the modern advertising genre.

Call me old fashioned, but I think I prefer the old Jimmy Barnes, when he was going at 120 per cent and on the verge of screaming all the way through a song. Here’s a prime example, with him going flat out, and surrounded by trucks, through the video for Driving Wheels, from 1987.

Put on the headphones and turn up the volume:


The sound and video quality are pretty suspect, but the truck nostalgia is all there and Jimmy is going at it flat chat. Interestingly, and purely by coincidence, it does look like some of the filming was done on the same roads, namely the Cunningham and Warrego Highways. 


trucking with Jimmy Barnes