Trucks and Paragliding Don’t Mix

Trucks and Paragliding

In most cases trucks and paragliding don’t mix, but for one day in Croatia’s Dynamic Alps the combination worked well. A Volvo truck, demonstrating its dual clutch system with minimal interruption in torque hauls a paraglider around the countryside and even under a large bridge.

The driver in this, the latest of the stunts Volvo have set up and released on YouTube, is Kiwi Louise Marriott who was declared the most fuel-efficient driver in the on road category of Volvo Asia Pacific Fuelwatch Challenge in 2015 in the Thai city of Hua Hin. In winning the Fuelwatch Challenge, Louise recorded 17.5 per cent less fuel consumed, when compared to the highest amount of fuel burnt on the day.

The paraglider is pro, Guillaume Galvani. His Facebook page lists hi interests as paragliding, skydiving, base jumping, photography, kitesurfing, climbing, paramotoring, traveling. Needless to say, he is not risk-averse.


Here’s an explanation of how the stunt was set up and what needed to go right to succeed:


Just so we keep all of this in perspective. Paragliding can be quite a dangerous sport: