Tyre recycler awarded

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An Australian tyre recycling enterprise has been awarded a bronze medal at the Edison Awards in recognition of its innovative technology developed to recycle old car and truck tyres into saleable commodities.


Reckoned to be the world’s top prize for innovation, the Edison Awards was founded 28 years ago in 1987 and named after the famous US inventor Thomas A. Edison. Green Distillation Technologies was Australia’s first ever finalist at the Edison Awards and received the medal at the awards ceremony in New York.


The technology developed by Green Distillation Technologies recycles old tyres into saleable commodities such as carbon, oil and steel. Operating from their pilot plant in Warren Western, NSW, the company is in the process of being upgraded to full production.


GDT’s production upgrade will expand their capacity to 19,000 tonnes of tyres per year, representing approximately 3 per cent of the end-of-life tyres generated in Australia each year.


The oil produced from the GDT process can be used as a heating fuel, direct into stationary diesel engines or can be further refined into automotive or aviation fuels. The carbon is a high grade product that can replace those sourced from fossil fuels and the steel is returned directly to tyre manufacturers for reuse. The entire tyre recycling process is emission-free and the recycled oil is used as a heat source for the production process.